We Collaborate


Founded in Manchester, England, our company is committed to the global apparel trade and commerce cooperation. Based on the research and rigorous judgment to the market, we will evaluate the customers’ demands to tailor a customized solution to the customers.

Originating from personal customized tailors, Chilli has established affiliated factories in China, with a profound history and considerable experiences in production management. Besides an increasing number of full-fledged raw material factories and clothing factories are joining in our supply chain cooperation. In China, our customer-oriented team will promptly formulate and supervise the every single production procedure to guarantee the quality and delivery time of your products.

  • Market trend, detailed suggestion for products

  • Design to your technical specification

  • Timely quotation of raw materials and production cost

  • Production and quality supervision of clothing products

  • Global supply chain logistics system

We Innovate


The creative team from Chilli, based on clients’ specific needs, focuses on offering help in production speculation, ensuring every single step smoothly from initial idea to design, and till the final product. This commitment originates from the years of trade accumulation, the established supply chain network of high-quality raw materials and the experienced technical team. From the very beginning of production design, we would provide clients with an optimized price and high-quality fabrics & accessories, effectively promoting the market competitiveness of your products.

We Manufacture


We have been promoting our apparel manufacturing ability, keeping up with the trend of fashion design around the world; and capable of conducting rapid and flexible countermeasures to your requirements. We are able to produce woven and knitted apparel, meanwhile, with diversified technologies such as thermal cutting (TC), caulking, all kinds of embroidery, etc.

We Deliver


Apart from freight handling, Chilli is also responsible for risk analysis and scheme design according to the requirements from every client; without any worry about freight, clients are able to bring their apparel products to the sales market in time. We offer comprehensive logistics solutions including storage, transportation, sub-assembly, customs clearance, freight forwarding, and other value-added services; in the meantime, real-time cargo tracking is also provided to guarantee the timeliness in the final delivery.

Our Future


Chilli is a fast-developing multi-brand fashion trader, and meanwhile, a prospective company. Under the cooperation with clients, we will create a product line with global influence, hoping to establish a long-term cooperation relationship to achieve mutual benefit and reciprocity, instead of focusing on the present.