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Global Clothing Distribution Network

Our Story

With over 50 years of experience in the textile industry, originating in China, Chilli Apparel Group was formed in the UK in 2005 as a family run business.

Chilli is a vertically integrated textile and apparel operation with full visibility and control over supply chain, ensuring the highest quality and timely delivery of product.


In the last decade, Chilli has set up new manufacturing facilities in Cambodia and Vietnam and has strong partnerships with fabric mills, printing and dyeing facilities.


The Manchester UK office hosts the design and development centre, with fabric and apparel showrooms, also providing logistics and warehousing services in the UK.


Chilli is keen to offer support to new client relationships as well as servicing our longstanding established customer base.


From fabric and trim selection, branding, design and development to manufacturing, logistics and warehousing,

Chilli Apparel Group is a one stop shop for brands and retailers worldwide.

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